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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurological disorder that affects communication, social interaction, and behavior. Individuals with ASD experience difficulties with communicating and interacting with others, as well as with understanding social cues and managing their emotions. As a result, they may have difficulty expressing themselves and understanding the verbal and nonverbal communication of others. S.A.L.T app is a speech-to-text app that helps those with autism and other non-verbal conditions communicate with others. Learn more below, and download our app today!

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Speech therapy after a stroke is a very important part of rehabilitation. A stroke can cause damage to the parts of the brain responsible for language, communication, and speech. As a result, people who have suffered from a stroke may have difficulty speaking, understanding and producing language, and even communicating non-verbally. Our S.A.L.T. communicator app was founded by Ewan Crawford who had an ischemic stroke that left him with Apraxia and Aphasia. Learn more about the importance of speech therapy after a stroke and how our speech communicator app can help below, and download our app today!

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Speech therapy plays an important role in the treatment of autism. It helps individuals with autism to improve their communication skills and increase their ability to interact with others. Our communicator app, S.A.L.T app, can help with speech therapy for those individuals with autism. Learn more below, and download our app today!

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Speech therapy is very common with millions of children and adults receiving speech therapy every year. S.A.L.T app is a speech therapy app that helps those who have trouble communicating. It can be used by caregivers, too. Learn more about speech therapy and why people receive it below, and download for Apple or Android today.

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Speech technology has made great strides in helping individuals who have lost the ability to speak due to a stroke, illness, or injury. With apps such as S.A.L.T. Communicator, you can use speech therapy exercises to get your voice back. Focused on speech therapy activities, our communicator app also has features to assist with language acquisition and communication. Speech Therapy exercises can help you improve your vocal range and articulation, as well as strengthen the muscles used for speech. These exercises can help you regain clarity in your voice and get back to normal speaking patterns. To learn more about how the S.A.L.T. app helps with speech therapy, contact us today and keep reading!

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The Speech and Language Therapy (S.A.L.T.) communicator app was created to help people communicate easier in their day-to-day life. Our app helps people who struggle to speak due to autism, stroke, brain injury, or another language challenge, to connect and communicate with others.

If you struggle with communication, you know how difficult everyday tasks can be. Our founder created the app after he had an ischemic stroke which led to global Aphasia and Apraxia. He had difficulty using the apps available to him and created S.A.L.T. to solve those needs. Learn more about how S.A.L.T. can help with everyday living, and download the app today.

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The S.A.L.T. app is designed to help people with a range of speech and communication difficulties. Our app was created to help users participate in the activities they enjoy and make communication possible for individuals who are unable to use their natural voice. In today's blog post, we're taking a closer look at the people that could benefit from the S.A.L.T. app as well as some of the features that enable better communication. Download the app today!

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Communication is one of the foundations of existence, for all creatures, not just humans. We need to be able to communicate in order to function as a society and have all of our needs met. From babies who communicate with their cries to adults who communicate verbally, being able to communicate makes life possible, easier, and more enjoyable. S.A.L.T. app is a communication app that helps people who are non-verbal communicate with others. From aphasia and autism to down syndrome and cerebral palsy, S.A.L.T app helps those with speech impediments and more. Learn what our S.A.L.T. app is and how it can help people communicate, and...


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