Speech Therapy Exercises to Assist With Getting Your Voice Back

Speech technology has made great strides in helping individuals who have lost the ability to speak due to a stroke, illness, or injury. With apps such as S.A.L.T. Communicator, you can use speech therapy exercises to get your voice back. Focused on speech therapy activities, our communicator app also has features to assist with language acquisition and communication. Speech Therapy exercises can help you improve your vocal range and articulation, as well as strengthen the muscles used for speech. These exercises can help you regain clarity in your voice and get back to normal speaking patterns. To learn more about how the S.A.L.T. app helps with speech therapy, contact us today and keep reading!

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Reading Aloud

Reading aloud is an excellent speech therapy exercise. It helps strengthen your articulation muscles and improve your pronunciation. As you read aloud, enunciate each sound and syllable to help practice your pronunciation. This exercise is particularly effective because it practices your ability to pronounce consonant and vowel pairs. If you have difficulty with particular sounds, practice different words that contain those sounds to help improve your pronunciation. Reading aloud also helps you practice speaking in longer sentences, which is beneficial for patients with aphasia.

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Tongue Movements

Your tongue is the main muscle involved in speech. A great speech therapy exercise to increase control over your tongue is to make simple movements with it. For instance, with in-and-outs, you start by opening your mouth and sticking your tongue out as far as you can. Hold for two seconds, then pull it back in. Hold for another two seconds, and repeat. This exercise helps to train your tongue in controlled patterns, which is necessary for clear speech.

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Lip Movements

Your lips play a crucial role in articulation and pronunciation. Start by smiling widely, pursing your lips together, and then forming an “O” shape with your mouth. Hold each position for two seconds, and repeat the sequence five times. If you progressively slow down this movement, you can attain stronger control of your lips. This exercise can help you form words and sentences more clearly.


Speech Therapy Apps

With an app like S.A.L.T., you can use speech therapy exercises to improve your speech and language abilities. Our app has canned words, phrases, and images that you can customize to match your needs. You can also use the sentence builder and speech playback functions to help you express yourself better.

For anyone recovering from a stroke or struggling with disorders, speech therapy exercises are an effective way to get your voice back. With the S.A.L.T app, we have applied speech technology to help you regain your vocal range and articulation. Download the app today!

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