What Is S.A.L.T. App and How Does It Help People Communicate?

Communication is one of the foundations of existence, for all creatures, not just humans. We need to be able to communicate in order to function as a society and have all of our needs met. From babies who communicate with their cries to adults who communicate verbally, being able to communicate makes life possible, easier, and more enjoyable. S.A.L.T. app is a communication app that helps people who are non-verbal communicate with others. From aphasia and autism to down syndrome and cerebral palsy, S.A.L.T app helps those with speech impediments and more. Learn what our S.A.L.T. app is and how it can help people communicate, and download our communication app today!


What Is S.A.L.T. App?

The S.A.L.T. app is a voice app that anyone with a smartphone can download and use. It helps those with communication problems. It can be customized to the user and quickly allows commonly used phrases to be chosen and used, speeding up and facilitating communication. Featuring speech playback options and sentence builders, speech should be much easier for everyone.


How Does the S.A.L.T. App Help With Communication?

The S.A.L.T. app allows users to easily add, edit, and delete folders of images and words. Multiple devices can be synched, allowing for easier communication, and all users can be accommodated, from novice to advanced. Speech and language therapy professionals can utilize the S.A.L.T. app to help their patients, too.


Who Can the S.A.L.T. App Help?

In short, anyone can use and gain value from the S.A.L.T. app. From those struggling with language development, such as adults and children with autism and down syndrome, to those who work with those with language development issues, such as teachers, speech-language pathologists, researchers, and even parents. Everyone can enjoy easier and better communication with the S.A.L.T. app. Download and try today!


Why Choose Our S.A.L.T. Communicator App?

The S.A.L.T. communication app was partially developed by a founder who had an ischemic stroke and found communication apps difficult to use. With the goal of making the voice app intuitive and easy, the S.A.L.T. app is a leader in the industry, making speech easy for users. Those who use the S.A.L.T app will find their conversations are improved, faster, and less hassle with less repetition. Let out S.A.L.T. app do the work of speaking for you. Learn more today!

Fully customizable interface, users can create their own personalized experience. Choose from canned words and phrases with optional images or create your own. Use the sentence builder and speech playback functions to vocalize what you want to say, giving you the freedom of communication.

Download the S.A.L.T. App Today!

The S.A.L.T. app features two components targeting augmentative alternative communication as well as speech and language therapy. These solutions can be used to streamline communications and assist with living. You can use this voice app on your computer and on your tablet, as well as on our phone. There are many preloaded images on the app, as well as the ability to create custom files. Professional speech therapists can use this voice app to help manage their clients remotely, and it features an easy backup/restore function to do just that. Plus, you can import WORDS and CSV files. Download the S.A.L.T. app to begin today!

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