Meet The Founder
of S.A.L.T. App

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ewan Crawford, one of the founding shareholders of NeoTerra Systems Inc. In June 2020, I had an ischemic stroke that left me with severe Apraxia and Aphasia. While in St. Joe’s rehabilitation centre in Guelph, I had various apps on my iPad for aphasia/apraxia and found it difficult to use some of these apps and found some were impossible to set up and configure.


In July of 2021 NeoTerra Systems embarked on the development of a mobile app that was easy to use and simple to set up. I have tried to improve on the features I found were lacking and/or cumbersome from other apps.


Now, I am proud to say that the S.A.L.T. App is one of the best speech-to-text apps that helps those who are non-verbal communicate with friends, family, loved ones, and strangers. Our easy-to-use interface helps those who are unable to use their natural voice be understood, ending the frustration that miscommunication brings.


As a stroke survivor, I have now dedicated my life to helping others who have suffered from a stroke. My goal with S.A.L.T. app is to make a difference in people’s lives and help those who suffer from speech impairment find a joy that is unbounded.

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Available on smart devices through both the Apple and Google Play Stores.